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Thunderstorm Weather Theory

Thunderstorms are one topic that is best not learned from experience. This quiz refreshes your knowledge of thunderstorm weather theory so you can better understand this common weather hazard.

1. As long as a lifting action is present, a thunderstorm can form in dry or moist air.

2. The three stages of a thunderstorm are _____.

3. Lightning always occurs with a thunderstorm.

4. If hail is present in a thunderstorm, you can rely on the nearest automated weather station to report it.

5. Embedded thunderstorms are uniquely hazardous because they are _____.

6. If flying in the vicinity of a weakening thunderstorm, a pilot should be most concerned about _____.

7. Thunderstorms produce wind shear along _____ of a thunderstorm.

8. Bright lightning is the best way to identify a thunderstorm at night.

9. If you accidentally fly into a thunderstorm, what should you do?

10. ATC's main responsibility is to provide _____.