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Runway Incursions

Running a stop sign or red traffic light is to driving as runway incursions are to flying. Each breakdown in situational awareness places lives at risk. Four runway incursions accidents alone have accounted for over 740 fatalities. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time is likely to end in disaster. Understanding clearances from ATC to taxi, hold short, or position and hold helps keep everyone on the same page while limiting the chances of a dangerous runway incursion.

1. What does a clearance to "back-taxi" mean?

2. Did the Conquest involved in this accident have its strobe lights on?

3. When communicating with ATC, it's important to listen carefully instead of hearing only _______.

4. Which of the following is the most useful tool to use in the cockpit while taxiing?

5. The pilot of the Conquest used proper radio procedure by stating the departure runway in each readback.

6. From September 1998 to August 1999, what percent of pilot surface deviations resulted from taxi operations?

7. All runway incursion accidents to date in the United States have included at least one of the following factors:

8. A clearance to "taxi to" the takeoff runway assigned to the aircraft ________ a clearance to cross other runways that intersect the taxi route to that assigned takeoff runway.

9. On the night of this accident, the St. Louis ATIS listed which runways as active?

10. What does ASDE stand for?