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Pilot/Controller Responsibilities

"Ask not what a controller can do for you, but what you can do for a controller." While ATC is responsible for issuing traffic advisories (primarily for IFR traffic), pilots are responsible for "seeing and avoiding" other aircraft, obstructions and much more. Test your knowledge of pilot/controller responsibilities with this quiz.

1. You are receiving VFR traffic advisories from ATC, when an aircraft passes you too close for comfort. Who is responsible?

2. What is first priority for ATC?

3. Read the following radio transmission, then choose the true statement from the choices below. ATC: "Cessna 45G descend and maintain 5,000." 45G: "Roger, descending to 9,000."

4. The _________ approach allows a pilot to deviate from a published instrument approach procedure and proceed on his own initiative by navigating to the airport where the visibility is reported to be at least one mile.

5. You are being given radar vectors in VFR conditions and you notice that your current heading will place you too close to a tower. You should:

6. A minimum fuel advisory is an emergency.

7. ATC should not use visual separation if:

8. Controllers may vector IFR traffic at or above which altitude?

9. You are flying at 11,000 feet at 280 knots. ATC clears you to 8,000 and requests that you keep your speed up. According to FAR 91.117(a), you must:

10. You are approaching an airport where LAHSO is in effect. You are cleared to land on 12 and hold short of 5, but you're not sure that you will be able to stop before reaching 5. You should: