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Operations at Nontowered Airports

The majority of the 13,785 airports in the United States operate without an air traffic control tower. Test your knowledge of standard pattern operations, right-of-way rules, and CTAF communication at nontowered airports.

1. Choose the acceptable method(s) of pattern entry from the "opposite" side of the pattern.

2. It is recommended to use landing lights within ____ miles of a nontowered airport.

3. All types of aircraft should fly identical traffic patterns.

4. Instrument operations are not permitted at nontowered airports.

5. Which of the following have the right of way over powered aircraft?

6. Most midair collisions occur in clear weather during which traffic pattern legs?

7. What is the "sterile cockpit" concept?

8. After takeoff, climb on the extended runway centerline to within _____ of pattern altitude before turning.

9. The CTAF should be used for two reasons only. Those are:

10. In the traffic pattern, all turns are made to the ______ unless otherwise specified.