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Land and Hold Short (LAHSO)

WHOA!! WHOA!! Captain, pull harder on those reigns, that 747 on his takeoff roll will crush our little airplane! Accepting a LAHSO clearance can carry a huge burden for a pilot, since aircraft arriving or departing on intersecting runways entrust their lives to your ability to hold short of their active runway. This quiz will help you understand the complexities associated with LAHSO clearances.

1. True or false: The purpose of Land and Hold Short Operations (LAHSO) is to increase airport capacity by allowing simultaneous operations on intersecting runways.

2. When ATC issues a LAHSO clearance:

3. True or false: The available landing distance (ALD) is listed in the Airport/Facility Directory (AFD) for all airports that have LAHSO operations.

4. True or false: The ALD is calculated on pilots flying the VASI or glideslope to the touchdown point.

5. The ALD is calculated on the following factors:

6. Although ATC will tell you the distance to the intersection, you must calculate your landing distance based on:

7. True or false: LAHSO clearances will not be issued if there is a potential for wake turbulence.

8. True or false: LAHSO operations will be suspended for 20 minutes if wind shear is reported.

9. Be cautious of accepting a LAHSO clearance if:

10. True or false: Go-arounds are prohibited during LAHSO.