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Lost Communications

Remember the "Can you hear me now?" television advertisements showing the man testing his cellular telephone? Lost communications in an airplane can be a somewhat more serious matter. Take this quiz to refresh your memory on what to do when you no longer have ATC on the radio.

1. A pilot with radio failure should immediately squawk 7600.

2. How will ATC attempt to reach an aircraft if a radio failure is suspected?

3. If communications are lost while flying in instrument conditions on an IFR flight plan, controllers will expect you to continue to fly your route in which order?

4. Which altitude should be flown if communications are lost while in IMC on an IFR flight plan?

5. ATC will expect an IFR aircraft with lost communications to do what to begin the approach into the airport of intended landing?

6. What should a pilot do if he/she encounters a radio failure while on an IFR flight plan if in visual conditions?

7. If a radio failure occurs in uncontrolled airspace, and a pilot is flying VFR without ATC contact, he/she is not required to squawk 7600.

8. If radio failure occurs while still on the ground, and the pilot sees a flashing white signal, what should the pilot do?

9. How should the VFR traffic pattern be entered at an uncontrolled field in the event of a radio failure?

10. How should a VFR approach and landing be conducted into the main airport within a Class D surface area if an in-flight radio failure occurs?