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Pilot/Controller Glossary: IFR Operations

Instrument flying requires pilots to have a thorough understanding of terminology. The Pilot/Controller Glossary was developed to help promote a common understanding of the terms used in the Air Traffic Control system. Are you and ATC on the same page when you are flying IFR? Find out by taking this quiz.

Need a quick review before taking the quiz? AOPA members have 24-7 access to the full Pilot/Controller Glossary. Nonmembers may access the FAA Site.

1. A clearance to descend "at pilot's discretion" means that you may______.

2. At a towered airport, being cleared for "the option" means that you may perform a _____.

3. Fifteen minutes ago you called Flight Service to modify a previously-filed IFR route. Now that you are ready to copy your clearance from ATC, which of the following requests would help you verify that your clearance contains the amended route?

4. What does the Off-Route Obstruction Clearance Altitude (OROCA) provide when within its quadrant?

5. As part of your IFR clearance to depart a nontowered field, ATC says "Clearance void if not off by 1520 Zulu." This means that you should_____ .

6. Which altitude should be flown when cleared "VFR-on-Top?"

7. You are approaching Baker, MT (KBHK) when ATC says that you are "Cleared Approach." Which approach should be used?

8. As you are approaching Bozeman, MT (KBZN) (within a designated mountainous area) from the southeast you look at the ILS RWY 12 approach and see the Minimum Safe Altitude (MSA) for your position is 12,100 feet MSL. How many feet of obstacle clearance are you assured when flying in this quadrant?

9. Which of the following items are required in order to execute a contact approach?

10. What is the difference between Decision Altitude (DA) and Decision Height (DH)?