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Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs)

On Nov. 5, 2008, the format for terminal aerodrome forecasts (TAFs) changed to accommodate expanded 30-hour forecasts, which are issued for 32 large U.S. airports. Test your TAF savvy with this quiz.

Need a quick review first? AOPA members may access a recent Pilot magazine article on the new TAF format and a METAR/TAF abbreviation chart.

1. The new TAF format applies only to 30-hour forecasts. The coding in 24-hour TAFs (still issued for about 95 percent of forecast sites) did not change.

2. Under the new TAF format, what is the correct date and time coding for a forecast valid from 1800Z on the 20th to 2400Z on the 21st?

3. In addition to changes in the valid forecast period coding, the new TAF format adds a date identifier to which of the following groups?

4. The PROB modifier is used when there is a ____ percent chance weather phenomena will occur.

5. Given the following TAF, what is the forecast wind direction and velocity for 5 a.m. local time (eight hours behind UTC)?

KHQM 231740Z 2318/2418 15004KT P6SM SCT010 OVC020

FM232200 12006KT P6SM SCT010

FM240500 07004KT 5SM BR SCT006

FM241200 08009KT 3SM BR BKN005

6. When can you expect the next scheduled TAF for Montrose, Colorado (KMTJ) to be issued?

KMTJ 241120Z 2412/2512 15009KT P6SM SKC

7. During your preflight planning, you see the TAF below for Gunnison, Colorado (KGUC). What does it mean?

KGUC 241120Z 2412/2512 NIL

8. In the following example, what does the "WS" code denote?


9. If you see "VV001" in a TAF, what does it signify?

10. According to the TAF below, what will the lowest ceiling be for a flight at 3 p.m. local time (five hours behind UTC)?

KELM 251732Z 2518/2618 29015G22KT P6SM SCT010 BKN018 OVC035

TEMPO 2522/2602 5SM -SHSN BKN 020 OVC025

FM261200 29012KT P6SM -SHSN BKN025