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Preventive Maintenance and Aircraft Inspections

Performing preventive maintenance is a great way to save money, learn more about your aircraft, and feel the pride that comes with a job well done—but it's not a responsibility to be taken lightly. Before you break out the wrenches, brush up with this ASF Safety Quiz.

1. Which of the following is considered "preventive maintenance" on most aircraft?

2. Is replacing spark plugs an example of preventive maintenance?

3. Of the following, who may perform preventive maintenance?

4. Your pilot friend (not an A&P) performs preventive maintenance on your aircraft, but neglects to make an entry in the aircraft's logbook. Based on your friend's past work, you know the job was done correctly. Is the aircraft airworthy if you make the entry and sign the aircraft's logbook?

5. Are you required to own the aircraft on which you are performing preventive maintenance?

6. Apart from that required for a pilot certificate, you are not required to undergo any additional training to perform the preventive maintenance items listed by FAR 43 Appendix A (c).

7. To which standard must preventive maintenance be performed?

8. According to FAR Part 43, when performing preventive maintenance you must follow the recommendations and procedures given by ___.

9. You are receiving flight instruction at a Class C airport, in an IFR-equipped aircraft you own. Which of the following inspections must you have completed?

10. If an aircraft will be operated in controlled airspace under IFR, the pitot-static system must have been inspected in the previous ___ calendar months.