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Aircraft Performance

The typical pilot's operating handbook contains a number of charts that tell you everything you need to know about how your airplane will perform - or do they? Take this Sporty's Safety Quiz to see how your knowledge of aircraft performance measures up.

1. Performance charts are based on standard atmospheric conditions - a temperature of ____ degrees Celsius and a pressure of ____ inches of mercury (Hg).

2. What effect will an aft center of gravity have on true airspeed (TAS)?

3. Which of the following will decrease the landing roll distance?

4. High air temperature will have all of the following effects on aircraft performance except _____.

5. Maximum endurance can be achieved by leaning the mixture to best ____.

6. ____ altitude is used in the computation of takeoff distances in performance charts.

7. A tailwind will have what effect on published landing ground roll distances?

8. For the purposes of takeoff and landing data, speeds used in the performance charts - such as Vr and approach speed - are based on what?

9. After completing the takeoff performance chart, you discover that it will take 1,310 feet to clear a 50-foot obstacle. Assuming that this number is correct, you will be ____ feet above the 50-foot obstacle when you are 1,310 feet down the runway.

10. A(n) _____-sloping runway will decrease required takeoff distance.