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Beyond Proficient: IFR Series

Become a better, safer pilot with the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s Beyond Proficient: IFR video series. The videos provide a unique perspective on how to fly safely in the departure, en route, and approach profiles under instrument flight rules.

Whether you’re instrument-rated or recently enrolled in instrument training, the videos offer tips and tricks to master complex instrument flying aspects.

Stabilized Approach

Part One, Stabilized IFR Approach, reviews the importance of flying a stable instrument approach. You’ll get insights into how to recapture situational awareness and identify and deal with task saturation on the approach.

Download the Sample Approach Profile Overview from this video with event and action points, and review AC 61-98D,, Criteria for Stabilized Approaches Conducted in GA Airplanes.

Elements and Variations of IFR Approach Clearances

Instrument flying expands our world and adds depth to our primary piloting skills. Part Two, Elements and Variations of IFR Approach Clearances, emphasizes honing one's aptitude concerning IFR approach clearances.

IFR Flight Planning Filing: Tools and Tips

Part Three, IFR Flight Plan Filing: Tools and Tips, offers practical advice on anticipating our filed IFR route clearance. This makes things easier when copying and reading back our final clearance.

Warm Weather IFR Planning with ForeFlight

Part Four, Warm Weather IFR Planning with ForeFlight, offers tips for thorough IFR weather planning and to help identify forecasts and conditions that could impact the safety of your next IFR flight.

Managing Weather Deviations

Part Five, Managing Weather Deviations, offers tips on safely navigating unforecast weather during an IFR flight. Learn how to use available tools and how to work within the ATC system to ensure your flight’s safety.

How to Depart Safely in Low IMC

Part Six, How to Depart Safely in Low IMC, offers tips on using tools to stay clear of obstacles when visibility is low. Learn how to interpret obstacle departure procedures and ensure aircraft performance meets established takeoff minimums.

Avoiding and Escaping Icing Conditions

Part Seven, Avoiding and Escaping Icing Conditions, offers strategies to mitigate airframe icing risks. The video reviews preflight considerations to avoid in-flight icing and what to do when encountering icing conditions in flight.