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Do the Right Thing: Decision Making for Pilots

Online Course

Do The Right Thing

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The best type of accident is one that’s avoided.” With that in mind, are you prepared to make the right choices for the best outcome next time you fly? Poor decision making is the root cause of many—if not most—aviation accidents. Good decision making, however, is about avoiding the circumstances that lead to really tough choices. If making the right decisions is your goal, then this course is for you.

What you will learn:

  • How to sharpen decision-making habits
  • Aspects of the accident chain
  • Developing a personal minimums checklist
  • Why external pressure complicates matters
  • When and how to say “No” to a flight
  • Developing a Plan B and sticking to it
  • When to anticipate, recognize, act, and evaluate problems
  • Practicing the decision-making cycle
Tablet: Compatible
Length: 40 mins
Topic: Decision Making
FAA WINGS: Eligible*
Accident Forgiveness: Eligible

*WINGS credits are submitted to FAA once a week and will appear on your FAA transcript shortly there after. Thank you for your patience.