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IFR Insights: A Practical Approach

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IFR Insights Practical Approach

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Instrument training teaches us to focus on flying the airplane within precise parameters, but it often overlooks practical tips that help to reduce our workload. Get ready to expand your IFR airmanship and learn the finer points of flying safely in the IFR system. This online course takes you beyond the “Five Ts” and helps you discover techniques seasoned pilots, instructors, and air traffic controllers use to reduce their instrument flying workload.

What you will learn:

  • Practical techniques to fly safely and efficiently
  • How to stay ahead of the aircraft
  • How and when to make best use of departure procedures
  • Making stabilized approaches
  • How to create an emergency plan of action
  • How to effectively communicate with ATC
Tablet: Compatible
Length: 40 mins
Topic: Weather, Training & Proficiency
FAA WINGS: Eligible*
Accident Forgiveness: Eligible

*WINGS credits are submitted to FAA once a week and will appear on your FAA transcript shortly there after. Thank you for your patience.