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IFR Insights Cockpit Weather

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IFR Insights Cockpit Weather
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Uplift your datalink knowledge with practical advice on safely using datalink weather in flight. When you take this course, you’ll see that datalink is not a crutch to make an un-flyable situation flyable, but rather an excellent tool supplementing the big weather picture to avoid dangerous weather. The course includes tutorials and interactive scenarios to connect datalink science with your knowledge of onboard avionics.

What you will learn:

  • How weather radar works
  • Interpreting precipitation strength and gradient
  • How composite and base reflectivity differ
  • Identifying your datalink equipment reflectivity
  • Using other radar sources for a second opinion
  • How radar limitations affect you
  • Using the big weather picture with datalink
  • To make decisions for the best outcome of a flight:
    • Tackling an autumn weather flight in the upper Midwest
    • Tackling a summer weather flight in the Great Plains
    • Tackling a winter weather flight in the Great Lakes
    • Tackling a spring weather flight in the Pacific Northwest
Tablet: Compatible
Length: 45 mins
Topic: Weather, Training & Proficiency, Decision Making
FAA WINGS: Eligible*
Accident Forgiveness: Eligible

*WINGS credits are submitted to the FAA automatically when added to your ASI transcript and will appear on your FAA transcript shortly after. Remember the email address used for your AOPA web account—the one that you will use to earn your ASI completion certificate for credit—MUST MATCH YOUR FAA WINGS ACCOUNT email address, or you will not receive WINGS credit. Thank you.