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Online Course (Qualifies for FAA BasicMed)

Are you fit to fly? When it comes to your health and flying, it pays off to be in charge. How? First, get a medical checkup—regularly. Then, between doctor visits, take stock of your well being, using the tools in this course. Discover how a thorough medical self-assessment can help you fly safely. Also, get a better grasp of aeromedical matters and physiology—including risk factors of significant medical conditions and how these affect your ability to fly.

This course qualifies for FAA BasicMed.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to objectively assess your condition to fly
  • The complex relationships between medications and flying
  • Symptoms of medical conditions and when to see your physician
  • Why using the IMSAFE checklist matters
  • When and how to say “No” to a flight
  • Managing in-flight physiological impairment
  • Adapting diet and exercise for a healthier body
  • Recommended health screening and immunization guidelines
Tablet: Compatible
Length: 60 mins
Topic: Health
FAA WINGS: Not Eligible
Accident Forgiveness: Not Eligible
FAA BasicMed: Eligible