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Say It Right: Mastering Radio Communications

Online Course

Say It Right

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Say goodbye to mic abuse that clogs the frequency and statements that disrupt clear communication such as, “Anyone in the pattern?” or, “November Two Three Four Five taking the active.” Effective radio communication reduces pilot workload and stress, and enhances safety. So it’s an important skill to acquire—and one to hone. This course will guide you through the principles of proper radio etiquette to improve clarity in radio transmissions.

What you will learn:

  • Best practices before pressing “push-to-talk”
  • Avoiding pitfalls of ineffective communication
  • Radio operation techniques and tips
  • The essence of the four Ws
  • How to communicate at towered and non-towered airports
  • Airspace communication requirements
  • Using radio-based services
  • Calling for help in an emergency
Tablet: Compatible
Length: 40 mins
Topic: Training and Proficiency
FAA WINGS: Eligible*
Accident Forgiveness: Eligible

*WINGS credits are submitted to the FAA automatically when added to your ASI transcript and will appear on your FAA transcript shortly after. Remember the email address used for your AOPA web account—the one that you will use to earn your ASI completion certificate for credit—MUST MATCH YOUR FAA WINGS ACCOUNT email address, or you will not receive WINGS credit. Thank you.