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Transitioning to Other Airplanes

Online Course

Transitioning to Other Airplanes

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Are you contemplating or perhaps ready to experience the thrill of transitioning to another airplane or new avionics? There’s a lot more to transition training than getting a quick check out. Even if you’re a highly experience pilot, transitioning to new equipment can present new challenges and risks. This course offers straightforward, important advice about what to expect when making the jump from a familiar airplane or avionics setup to something new.

What you will learn:

  • How to approach transition training
  • Why it’s important to find the right instructor
  • What is recommended to help build experience
  • How to develop a proficiency schedule
  • Developing the right “feel” for the airplane
  • How simulator training can be beneficial
Tablet: Compatible
Length: 30 mins
Topic: Training & Proficiency
FAA WINGS: Eligible*
Accident Forgiveness: Eligible

*WINGS credits are submitted to FAA once a week and will appear on your FAA transcript shortly there after. Thank you for your patience.