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Blind Over Bakersfield

Accident Case Study

It’s a December afternoon in 2015. A pilot, his wife, and three children are excited to begin the journey to their old hometown of Henderson, Nevada, for a friend’s surprise party.

But soon after departing San Jose, California, the flight encounters weather for which the VFR-only pilot is ill-prepared. His troubling decisions—spurred by self-induced pressure and overconfidence in his skills—seal the tragic outcome of what was to be the start of a joyous holiday vacation.

Tablet: Compatible
Length: 17 mins
Topic: Aeronautical Decision Making, VFR into IMC
FAA WINGS: Not Eligible
Accident Forgiveness: Eligible

Join the AOPA Air Safety Institute in examining the circumstances that led to tragedy. Then, please share lessons learned to help others avoid a similar fate.

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This video qualifies for AOPA Accident Forgiveness.

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