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Risk Stacking

Accident Case Study


It’s a cold spring morning on April 13, 2022, when a cargo pilot in a Cessna 208 Caravan departs Salt Lake City International Airport in Utah. Her IFR flight plan takes her 133 nautical miles to the northwest, where she plans to fly the RNAV Runway 20 approach into Burley, Idaho.

Join the AOPA Air Safety Institute as we examine the circumstances that led to a tragic outcome during the GPS approach at Burley Municipal Airport. We look at several risk factors—including weather conditions and a factory's steam stacks located below the flight path, close to the runway threshold—that turned out lethal during the final descent.

Tablet: Compatible
Length: 14:32 mins
Topic: Aeronautical Decision Making, IFR Procedures
FAA WINGS: Not Eligible
Accident Forgiveness: Eligible

The Accident Case Study series uses FAA ATC radio communication transcripts, NTSB documentation, and video animation to recreate accidents and share critical lessons, so we can recognize and avoid similar mistakes.

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